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Creative Mandalas are a unique combination of collage, using circular mandala shapes, over 100 symbols designed by Dominika Stoppa, photos, quotes and other elements that are significant to you. Every piece is different and meaningful to the Creative Mandala maker.

  • Release Stress

  • Improve Focus & Concentration

  • Increase Emotional Awareness

  • Let Go and Heal

  • Enhance Your Visualisation Skills

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Start Creating

    • Introduction

    • Influences

    • Art Materials

    • Preparation, Sample Creative Mandalas + Composition

  • 2

    Creative Process

    • Guided Reflection

    • Step by Step + Pencils vs Watercolours (Timelapse)

  • 3

    Before You Go

    • Let's Connect

    • Creative Mandala™ Facilitator Accreditation


Dominika Stoppa is an entrepreneur, artist and educator. As founder of Creative Mandala™ Method, she creates and illustrates colouring books and is also the owner at Stoppa Art + Design Shop, specialising in bespoke pieces and unique gifts and hosts workshops and demonstrations, located in Castlecomer Craft Yard, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.

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Bonus Videos

I'm regularly adding new videos to the Creative Mandala Playlist on my YouTube Channel 'Creativity for Wellbeing'. Have a look!